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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Im clicking my heals together Dorothy....

Well its October - I cant believe it.

September flew by since I have been working at Bed Bath and Beyond. I am super blessed to be working with such great people, its almost like I have joined a family.

This past month has been VERY rough. The roughest yet. Week 1 of Sept. I started my job and found out that Ty was moved back to his company. That was a horrible day, yet that day he was switched back so I felt like I over reacted for nothing. Second week I just had a lot of my plate that is personal. Week 3 the customers at work were just plain MEAN and I worked everyday with them. Its amazing because you go to work so happy and are so nice to these strangers and I believe some of these people are on a mission to bring you down. I try not to let them ruin my day but after 5 horrible people in a row, its pretty hard (even for miss smiles over here). That week we also got news *good* for once that our paperwork had been turned into its final step. They would have 30 days to take our paperwork in front of a panel to say yes or no to the move. Well this week and next is when we should find out. So many thoughts are running through my head. I am very anxious = horrible. I just want the GOOD word. This week I have been sick and on top of that Ty got moved back to his company AGAIN and its upsetting. I usually am like "Well God you want this for a reason" and I usually know and see he is doing it for the good but this time, after everything piling up, last night when I found out - I was mad at God. I dont understand. I feel like we took one huge step forward and now a million back... I love Him so much but I dont get some of these "tests". I am sure I will in the future and I am sure its to show me how strong I can be, but after all this time here in Alaska and dealing with the army b.s. I want like a month off of being strong. Or a month off of having to be as strong. If they say you get to go, so much will be taken off my shoulders. I will be able to breathe again. . . You truly dont know what its like to feel like your not able to breathe or think or everything will get jumbled in your head and it goes down hill from there. But I am not sure what will happen if we are denied. I dont even want to think or talk about that even though its constantly on my mind.

I want my dog.
I want my husband to be able to see his family since its almost been a year... I want to see them more than anything to and for us to meet our new nephew Jett and see how much our niece Callie has grown.
I want a bonfire for my birthday like we usually do with my family.
I want to see and hug each of my family members and tell them I'm home.
I want to do everything with my mom... I dont even care if its grocery shopping, I just want to go somewhere with her and no that I dont have to say bye for months at a time.
I want to tell my little cousins when the next time I will be able to see them and come to their games.
I would like to just have a date to tell people we will come visit! Or see games, or do anything!
I want to be in a normal state where they have Five Guys, Victorias Secrete, Chipolte and Olive Garden.
I want to see cows and flat land and corn growing.
I want my husband and I to have a chance to live semi normally.
and most of all..... I am really saying this.... I want so badly to be in school kicking butt, doing what I do.

I pray that October and God mostly, gives me hope for all of this, and I pray all of this can come true and happen. I pray that October will be the best birthday month of my life...

20th birthday - didnt get to be with Ty </3
21st birthday - went to Ft. Benning to see Ty in basic and he was so so so sick with strep (and of course I got it a week later) ... not complaining cuz I got to see him... =)


I want one of my 20's birthdays to be extraordinary! And I want it to be this one, my 22nd birthday. Please God... hear all of our prayers...

"Click your heals together 3 times and say 'There's no place like home'".  Come on Glenda!

Friday, August 12, 2011


We thought it would NEVER stop raining in Anchorage...

So I pulled out the polka dot rain boots... ohhhh yahh.

my cute rain boots

If you know me you know that I absolutely LOVE the rain.... but it would be just grand if the sun came out just enough to tan or get SOME COLOR!!

Last week Ty gave a homeless guy 11$ ... because we always see him standing there in the cold and in the freezing rain...
After we drove off I was like I wish we had some gloves to give him because it was rainy and freezing and Ty had an old pair in the back of his car so we turned around and I ran them up to them... his words were "God bless you and you tell your boyfriend, fiance, or husband what ever he is that he is a good person and God bless him." That touched me. Of course there are good and bad homeless.... some who spend their money on food and clothes and try to get jobs, and then their are the bad who just spend it on drugs/alcohol but I feel you cannot punish (not give) to them just because some are bad. That is not right. 

Well the next day Ty got called in for CQ and he was gone from the house for 24 hours. I went through all my clothes. I MEAN ALL OF THEM. Woah. I found a lot of things I forgot I had (because some stuff is still packed) but I found a lot of old hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, old t-shirts, extra socks that I never wear and a rain coat... none of which fit, or I would wear any more.. so I put them all in a box. I didnt want to throw them in one of those Big Brothers Big Sisters bins because they do not give to the homeless and do not help them out, they sell your clothes to benefit their program... I did not like that idea. I wanted to make sure they went directly to the homeless. Any who, Ty came home the next day and went through his old things and put them in the box. Then....we drove. We drove to down town Anchorage where the homeless like to hang out. 

I did not see any right away and I was getting bummed out, but then we saw about 3 of them and I decided 'well thats enough and we can just give the rest to the BBBS foundation, or The Salvation Army' 

A man sitting on a bench stole my heart. We parked and I bring out the box while Ty stays back by the car. I asked him if he needed any new clothes to keep him warm and his reply was YES DO YOU HAVE ANY SWEAT SHIRTS. He got an army t-shirt that was never worn and one of my old hoodies and then before I know it I am surrounded by about 12 or 13 men asking what I have and what they can take. I told them to take as much as they want. One guy was so happy just to get a clean pair of socks, said he has been wanting a clean pair for forever. That broke my heart. They got all of Ty's sweat pants and all the sweat shirts we had. My NW rain jacket was gone in a heartbeat. A lot of them asked if we had anymore things that were rainproof... but we didn't. We got rid of half our box and put the rest on the Salvation Armys porch - that way the homeless can help themselves if they need anything :) 

As we drove away I bawled my eyes out because each one of those men were holding their clothes like they just got something BRAND SPANKIN NEW! I will never forget looking back and seeing the guy on the bench holding up Tys old pair of sweat pants with the biggest smile on his face. My heart ached for them. But I wanted to do this myself because that is what I live for: is to make others smile... and bring a little something to their lives. That, I hope I do. If your reading this and want to donate anything to Anchorage email me at krystaldonovan@gmail.com 

Yesterday was August 10th. A year ago yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. I had been married exactly one month and I had to say good bye to my husband being that he was leaving for basic. I will never forget him walking into that hotel and me knowing I could not do one damn thing about it. I wanted to scream and run and get him and kiss him just one more time... not knowing when I would see him or talk to him again... wooh. Can not believe that has been a year ago... his mom and I are both glad that day is over :) NEVER AGAIN! Its over and Im now with my husband so we can kiss ANY TIME WE WANT! 

Well...Lets see what else is new...
See Brenda he has not changed a bit... reading away!
oh and I actually got sun... A SUN BURN! 
I laid in my sun tan field for 3 hours today... it was heaven. Only thing that got burnt was my face... its on fire but hey...who can say they have been burnt in Alaska eh?

Ty got me these flowers for no special reason :)
No word on moving yet. Hopefully tomorrow. ... oh how I HATE the word tomorrow. The army is good at knowing that word. I am missing my dog beyond belief. I hope he knows I am still around and I love him and will be getting him soon. Just missing him something terrible... my baby :(

Ty and I have been working out EVERYDAY. It is going really good. Feels good. We have been cooking really nice dinners... and they are healthy. (happy mom?) 

Not a real work out... its called planking. You find the most weirdest spot to do it... this is what I came up with.

I cut chicken for the first time tonight.... ya know before its cooked. One word to sum that up..... SICK. I felt like I was holding a little fishie and I was cutting it, and it stunk...but I did it and made some damn good chicken :) 

Read the book The Help if you havnt ...and then see the movie. The movie will have so much more meaning if you have read the book. But they both are fantastic. 

Post more later... Hope your having a swell day... know we miss each and every one of you... our friends and family.... pray HARD we are home before you know it! God is good


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Going Through Changes

Its been a while I must admit.. but we have been through a LONNNNG roller coaster ride.

First I want to say I am in complete awe of God. He is SO amazing, and if you always look... he does give you signs. I want to thank Devin Bain, for she has helped me figure out God so much... and see how amazing he is. I think God sent me you Devin :) I got Ty to start praying with me every night, he doesn't do the talking but I know its affecting him. I am so proud of him, because when I started to lose faith, Ty brought it right back to me and said "Look Krystal, who kept us in love for 5 years when we didn't see each other and who is making all of this possible".. I am so proud because I guarantee one year ago he wouldn't have said that to me. I believe the army helped in this... getting us both so low that you knew all the good was coming from God. Yes I just said the army helped us - better put that one in the books.

I was home for a while, about a month. I needed to go home to get help for the anxiety. Its wonderful, yet weird going home. Home to me is Ty and Kansas and with our families. I only had Kansas and my family not Ty and not his family. That is weird. I was able to baby sit for 3 weeks while I  was home which was the first time I have made money in over 5 months... that felt good, felt like I was actually helping Ty and I finically. It was a good feeling and got my confidence back up to where it used to be. Still home is weird. People have NO idea about the army and it made me realize a WHOLE bunch! It made me humble and realize yes, I know what its like to be an army wife and what comes along with it but it made me realize I can not judge others. I can not judge Firemen's wives because I don't know what their life is life, I don't know, this whole army experience has made me realize how strong I alone am, how strong my husband and I are together, and how strong he is.

When I went home I realized I had one of the best friends. We had to have a stupid friend in our life for us to meet but hey, thats what it took. Now I have my Kimberly! She is one of the best friends I could ask for. She is there to listen ANYTIME... no matter what. She does so much for others and her family and its absolutely amazing, anyone who talks/or is friends with Kim should truly be blessed. We did a lot together... got in fights at QT, lol* tanned like everyday!, shopped -of course if your with Kim you WILL shop, play Mario Kart/Bros, and ran our booties off..... which Im pretty sure mine is back now cuz YOU DIDNT COME HOME WITH ME KIM AND NOW I HAVE NO ONE PUSHING ME! :)

Last weekend Ty and I got to take a train ride to Talkitna, Ak.... it was an... experience. The train ride was fun and cool since we had both never been on a train like this or one at all. There was not much to do in Talkitna but it was nice having a day out of "lovely" anchorage with my bestfriend/husband just walking and talking. It was a good day :) I like him

Well this week I was on pain medicine because I popped 3 ribs out of the cartilage that connects them to the sternum when Ty and I were wrestling. Yes is was MY fault... I started it lol... thats what I get huh!  The pain med's made it feel better but all you want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep. So thats what I did basically ALL week.. except ONE day when the sun actually shown... FOR LIKE THE FIRST TIME IN A THOUSAND YEARS... that day I totally laid out (without Kim though, or my mom so then its kinda boring) but I actually got SOME sun.

Its our brother Skyler's birthday. These days are the hardest, knowing you can not be there to celebrate it with them! If your reading this Skyler or any other brother or sister or mil or fil or mom or dad... know we think about you all everyday wishing we could be with you guys if it were only for 5 minutes. That would be great.

Well our paperwork for moving is in its last step. One more signature and we are headed back to Kansas. So keep the prayers coming because we know they are working and helping a lot! We can not wait to be back with our families (where we both belong). They are our lives and it takes something like this to realize how much of your life they really are. We are ready for HOME. Yes I will miss the mountains and fresh air... and most of all our best buddy Woods :( Woods has been there with us through it all... easiest hello and hardest goodbye. He is a person I hope to always have in our lives and I am blessed to have him in our life now. He brings us so much joy and happiness... its weird how things work out. Maybe we were in Alaska to meet him.. maybe he was in Alaska to meet us, who knows... I am thankful for him though. He is so kindhearted and like a brother to me... no one will ever replace my Woodsy :)

 My Woods!

On our Alaska Railroad trip

Our 1 year anniversary! 

A year ago in the Bahamas in white perfect sand... :) and 1 year later in Alaska in the dirt/sand....
Shows how far we have came and how much we have been through.

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest... um who ever said that must of been in my shoes or much worse shoes because yes, the first year was hard being away from your husband a month after your married, not knowing when he is going to call, if he is okay, when you will see him again. Moving out of a house filled with your brother and sisters, moving back home with my mom (as a married woman) going back to college alone getting hit on boys who just think your some average college student, trying to concentrate. Waiting for letters in the mail, and checking the mail more than you did when your RSVP's for your wedding comes in the mail, not knowing what your best friend is going through and if he is safe, not knowing what life will be after bootcamp and airborne or where you will be stationed, having to go back to a work where you thought you would never have to work again and then not wanting to leave again, learning that you were finally going to get to see your husband but when you show up he is so sick he has to be hospitalize the next week, then when you get to talk to your husband finding out where your moving to, to start your life together FINALLY ....is in....ALASKA. Thats a far far far far away from home and totally isolated. We convinced our self it will be a journey.... we had a great one...
a year later ... ITS TIME TO GO HOME. This is only from my point of view, I couldn't imagine what Ty went through those 6 months... but in his own words... he's ready to go home too! But wow what a 1st year. All I can say is WE. ARE. SO. STRONG. :)  .... but we kinda wanna be weak for a while if you know what I mean!

:) okay....
love love love
krystal nichole                                  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is my page so I can cry if I want to right?! Good.

Things have been poopy.Waiting to hear back from a job in AK, to pass the time. I want to be strong for Ty if he ever needs me so I have to get my self together.

We are trying to get relocated. Please cont. praying for us. AK is too isolated for people like us, its beautiful and we have met some great people and done some wild things, but we think it's time to go, I hope God feels the same way about that.

Along with meeting some great people... we have met horrible icky ones. I have never met so many girls who live off of drama. I thought "you know, it cant be MOST army wives"... well it is. They mess up your words to make you look like the bad person when you did absolutely nothing wrong! These mean girls do not care if they jump from friend to friend or sit at home without any, as long as they caused drama in some one else's life. Its pretty bad. For that reason, I don't want to consider my self an Army Wife. I strongly disagree with what the Army does to men and puts them and their families through when they do not have too. But I will be behind and support my husband 100% while he is in- that too me is a good army wife... lets just say a good wife.

I'm sick of people taking advantage of Ty and I. Just because we have our shit together and have a home does not mean you are welcome to stay, trash the house, bring anyone home with you and so on. There is even drama amongst the people in our apartment! IT'S EVERYWHERE! Then we had ELEPHANTS basically move in above us, or that's what they sound like when they walk. Oh and not to mention they are stealing our Internet...so our bill is HUGE... awesome right?! I JUST LOVE PEOPLE.

I have been in the E.R. twice now for my anxiety (this is in 1 1/2 weeks) and they do not do one damn thing for you. They made me stay there for 2 days. They could not find me a doctor for 2 weeks +, when I got out the told me to go see this counsiler, this lady told me to go to the reg. doc to get my med's fixed, that doctor couldnt do it, so told me to get my 4th refferal and they are going to send that IN THE MAIL!? When some suffers from anxiety/depression you can not wait for you meds to be changed. NO. If a person were sucidal, what are they going to tell them, oh just hold up on killing your self until your referral comes in the mail 2-3 weeks later and then hold on again while we schedual an appoitment 2-3 more weeks later.
To hell with the army. I am still very mad and hold a grudge on the person who lied to us about life and what the military was like. No one should ever paint such a pretty picture when not one thing they said were true.

I want to live with my husband in a normal state, living and loving life with our families at least a 300$ plane ticket away, because its isolation and impossible.

I have never prayed for something so hard in my life. I have never asked myself and God so many questions.

I have been home (Kansas) for 5 days now. Its nice to be able to see everyone you no and take a deep breath again. Its nice to see green, I never knew how beautiful flat land, dandelions, and my neighborhood were. I never knew how blessed I should be for living, growing up, and experencing my life in this wonderful world of Johnson County. Ya never would of thought that you would miss the high matinenced biatches of Johnson County... but after living around homeless people and just plain trashy people after a while, you don't mind a lady bumping into you who thinks she is better than you at the store any more. Go ahead and bump into me, YOUR CLEAN AND FROM KASNAS I COULD JUST HUG YOU.

Yes, it will be cool to tell our kids we lived in AK some day, but we are ready for that journey to be over, and for it to be best somewhere else. I'm tell ya, I dont care if we live in Oregon (I know nothing about that state) anything is better than in the middle of no where that feels like a different country... (while my husband is fighting for the USA, we dont even feel like WE LIVE IN THE USA!)

WOOF, that felt good to vent. Please say all the prayers you can handle for us to get out of there and closer to the ones who matter like our friends and most of all, our families!

I am ready to be happy again... I am ready to move and never go back to Alaska. Im ready to feel excited about decorating an apartment because I know people will actually come over and see it...

Prayers are the most needed right now, so please pray. I have tried to find the good in all of this, and have... but now its time to just be somewhere happily... and some where not isolated and little and far far far away...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Missing the Rain

I am sorry I have not wrote on here for a while...

Its been a messy couple of weeks. The anxiety that i was so proud not to have, caught up with me. We will leave it at that. Just please say prayers that God helps me keep the anxiety away and keeps me strong for my self and for Ty. Prayers are needed our way... thank you in advance.

before the major anxiety hit, one of my best friends Kim came to Alaska just to visit and stay with me for 9 days. like i told her, she was an angel that i needed to have at the time, and i now know why god did not give me a sister because i would find her.

We had a GREAT time, probably the best time I have had in Alaska so far! (besides with Ty DUH!) We had so many laughs and tummy aches after the laughs it was wonderful. It was such a blessing just to see a familiar face... you have no idea. It made me remember my life back home I loved, was real and people did not forget about us.

We did a lot of things.. I will explain for pictures...

Day one: we went exploring! Kim got to see and stand on the pacific ocean and then we drove about 30 min. to hurricane park (i think that was its name) and went walking around in the woods hoping not to run into any bears... it was a fun filled day of exploring! :)

we went horse back riding and kims horse was in front of me and kept farting.... sick lol! but very pretty. We almost died thanks to Kim for telling the lady we would like to RUN on the horses...I saw my life flash before my eyes... funniest thing ever. 

Then.... dad here is the good part. You'd be proud...NOT! Well our gas gauge in the car isnt working.. and we still have not gotten it fixed.. so Kim and I were minding our own business trying to get up a mountain in the middle of no where..and guess who runs out of gas....I DO! dang the luck! After 5 min two girls drove by and gave us a lift to the gas station to get some gas and bring us back.. thank God Kim was with me... so then when we get back I go to put gas in the tank and my whole leg falls in the snow and when I pulled it out at the end my boot got stuck :) 

filling er' up!

Only me.... and Kim ... :)

We showed Kim downtown. Kim bonded with Rocky (he didnt like her for three days... it was just a phase though, he is moody like his mother) We went on a cruise searching for whales and Kim threw up lol... or fed the fish as they like to say! Funniest thing was... she ran out of the cabin in the ship to throw up and a guy says "I didnt see the whales!" to Kim and she turns and throws up and then he leaves... LOL! But I got to see dall pourpouses (which look like little free willies) mountain goat, sea otter, and sea lions. The sean lions were huge and very cool to see in their real habitat. We also went snow boarding and Kim saw her life flash again before her eyes when she almost got stuck in the trees but didnt, instead got stuck on the hill for 15 min trying to avoid the trees! She picked up snow boarding very good! We also found the street down town with all the souvenirs! Here are some pictures! 

thats all for now.. please pray for the best ... we need it! We miss our families like no other... 
 I am sorry if I have not talked with you recently... it only means I miss you a whole lot and dont want to be reminded of how wonderful you are... I will be working on that too because I know that is not healthy... 

Dad I miss you a whole lot.

love love love 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I had the best day with you today


So last weekend was a three day weekend... Ty had off Sat, Sun and Mon. so we decided to rent a car so we wouldn't be stuck inside for the whole three days! So Saturday we rented the car (which was at a very good price) and we went to downtown Anchorage where the Iditarod (the snowdog races) were starting. We heard that their was a Reindeer run that was going on so we decided to go! Before it started though, I got something to eat... A REINDEER HOTDOG! I ate reindeer and it is sooooooo good! YUUMM!
Funny note: I got a soda with my reindeer dog and I opened the cooler and there of course was the soda... but there was no ice in it... HAHA... Alaska is so cold your coolers dont need ice! WHO WOULD'A THOUGHT!

So then... ON TO THE REINDEER RUN! Well you know the bull runs that they have in Mexico, where a bunch of crazies run in the street away from bull.. same thing expect its a bunch of crazy Alaskans running from reindeer! These reindeer were not like Santa's ...they were MEAN! People who ran in the race dressed up. There were carrots, Gumbie, cows, people with hardly any clothes on (when it was freezing), Santa, and penguins. It was too funny. Not a lot of people got bucked but at the end two drunk guys were trying to finish the race, which is in the street and remember that is nothing but a sheet of ice all the time, one fell then tried to pick the other one up and then he fell... it was too funny. They hit that ice HARD! But Ty and I were standing next too two people and come to find out they were being filmed for a T.V. show on the History channel called Mounted in Alaska about taxidermy which comes out in April and you'll probably be able to see Ty and I in the second episode :) cool huh? Oh and they caught the drunk guys falling on camera too so you might even see that!

So once we were numb we left there and our friend Wood's bought Monopoly. So we were headed back to the lodge and what do I spy...... TWO MOOSE!!! O.M.G. I couldnt even say moose I was so in shock. I screamed TY...MA MA MA MOOSE!!! So we were not even a minute from the lodge so we went there, picked up my good camera, and went back over (probably closer than you should ever get to moose... even in a car) and took a bunch of pictures! I had a smile from ear to ear until the next day! I have not seen any since but... I can now die happily! (dont worry I am not dying soon) We also got a new X-box (since ours randomly broke and Ty plays all the time with his brothers) and a Kinect. For those of you out there like my dad who probably dont know what that is... its kind of like the Wii. Its a video game that goes off of your motions... like a sensor, without a controller. The Kinect was for me since I suck at real video games!! But we did a great job of spending our tax money :)

Then us three got back and played Monopoly.... WELL.... come to find out I did not even know how to play the real way. Thanks a lot MOM! :) We played the easy made up way... and I never really understood why so many people liked playing this game and how it ever ended... Now I know...! It was because I did not know how to play! But Ty and Wood's taught me and I whipped them both so overall, IT WAS MY DAY!

The rest of the weekend we just relaxed since Saturday was only the best day ever. Ty worked tues-thurs But Thursday night we went with a couple and their son about 2 hours North of where we live to see the Northern Lights (the farther north you see more colors and they are more distinctive). Well... we didnt see them... and then we get about 20 min. from being back on base and we look up and there they were... only 20 min from home! They were not the good good ones with all the different colors but they were green and it basically looks like flowing lightening. The coolest thing ever! Like a river coming over a mountain in the sky... very neat! ... we would of taken pictures but where we were they hardly showed up on camera.... We want to go out North, about 7 hours away (close to Mt. Mckinley) and stay in a lodge out there for a night to see the whole real thing! And its neat because only like 5% of people on Earth get to experience the Northern Lights. Crazy.

Oh... then Friday (yesterday) GUESS WHO GOT THEIR CAR... WE DID! You honestly do not know what it feels like to know you dont have to WALK around ALASKA any more.... ahh. I almost peed my pants when I saw that is was really there! Wondrous!

Well we have not met a whole lot of people. Most of the guys in with Ty are young and very into going out to bars and spending their pay check on alcohol. We would rather be old and watch movies together or just have a night in or a day out together... we dont need anyone but each other right now :)
I have figured out (of think I have) that a lot of "army wives" are into drama.. so I think I will just make friends else where. I am too mature and SO OVER THAT part of my life and caring about what others think and/or do. I have experienced too much in my life (even just these 21 years) that there is so much more to life than thinking "oh I wonder what she thinks of me?!" or "does she like me?" and/or anything else of that nature. I am at a good spot right now. I do not care what others think of me as long as I am okay with it myself. My family brought me up very good and I see that as clear as day now that I am so far away. I'd like to say I think I see a lot of my grandpa in me... which is gratifying. I strive to be like him in every way. Out of the little words he said... everything meant something to me and I took every word to heart.

Now that we have a car I would like to find a good church. Im not at peace with God like I should be, or with myself... one of the two. I have a lot of questions and find my self not praying as often... but when I do and realize things, He always helps. It is very amazing and thank goodness he is so forgiving of not talking to him everyday. He is a keeper .... DUH.

Best news EVER: ROCKY WILL BE WITH ME, IN MY ARMS, CUDDLING IN TWO WEEKS! *TWO* Im sad he has to fly alone and wont understand what is going on until he see's me waiting for him! Lol, I'm so excited I could cry tears of joy... THATS HOW INLOVE WITH HIM I AM. Yes, we are talking about Rocky still ;)

Well not a lot more has happened... to make things easier I will update this every Saturday or Sunday unless something amazing happens then I will write during the week!

The 8th was my dads 50th birthday and I was very bummed I didnt get to see him, but it sounds like every one took good care of him for me! Today is my moms birthday and the same goes for her, I wish I could be there.... I promise I'll be there for their 54th and 50th birthday because we will be back home then!! :) but Happy (Late) Birthday Mom and Dad, you guys are the best anyone could ask for. 

I'll leave saying we are doing good... but we miss our true friends and our families a lot a lot but absolutely LOVE talking to you guys and skyping!

Talk to you all soon.

love love love