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Friday, August 12, 2011


We thought it would NEVER stop raining in Anchorage...

So I pulled out the polka dot rain boots... ohhhh yahh.

my cute rain boots

If you know me you know that I absolutely LOVE the rain.... but it would be just grand if the sun came out just enough to tan or get SOME COLOR!!

Last week Ty gave a homeless guy 11$ ... because we always see him standing there in the cold and in the freezing rain...
After we drove off I was like I wish we had some gloves to give him because it was rainy and freezing and Ty had an old pair in the back of his car so we turned around and I ran them up to them... his words were "God bless you and you tell your boyfriend, fiance, or husband what ever he is that he is a good person and God bless him." That touched me. Of course there are good and bad homeless.... some who spend their money on food and clothes and try to get jobs, and then their are the bad who just spend it on drugs/alcohol but I feel you cannot punish (not give) to them just because some are bad. That is not right. 

Well the next day Ty got called in for CQ and he was gone from the house for 24 hours. I went through all my clothes. I MEAN ALL OF THEM. Woah. I found a lot of things I forgot I had (because some stuff is still packed) but I found a lot of old hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, old t-shirts, extra socks that I never wear and a rain coat... none of which fit, or I would wear any more.. so I put them all in a box. I didnt want to throw them in one of those Big Brothers Big Sisters bins because they do not give to the homeless and do not help them out, they sell your clothes to benefit their program... I did not like that idea. I wanted to make sure they went directly to the homeless. Any who, Ty came home the next day and went through his old things and put them in the box. Then....we drove. We drove to down town Anchorage where the homeless like to hang out. 

I did not see any right away and I was getting bummed out, but then we saw about 3 of them and I decided 'well thats enough and we can just give the rest to the BBBS foundation, or The Salvation Army' 

A man sitting on a bench stole my heart. We parked and I bring out the box while Ty stays back by the car. I asked him if he needed any new clothes to keep him warm and his reply was YES DO YOU HAVE ANY SWEAT SHIRTS. He got an army t-shirt that was never worn and one of my old hoodies and then before I know it I am surrounded by about 12 or 13 men asking what I have and what they can take. I told them to take as much as they want. One guy was so happy just to get a clean pair of socks, said he has been wanting a clean pair for forever. That broke my heart. They got all of Ty's sweat pants and all the sweat shirts we had. My NW rain jacket was gone in a heartbeat. A lot of them asked if we had anymore things that were rainproof... but we didn't. We got rid of half our box and put the rest on the Salvation Armys porch - that way the homeless can help themselves if they need anything :) 

As we drove away I bawled my eyes out because each one of those men were holding their clothes like they just got something BRAND SPANKIN NEW! I will never forget looking back and seeing the guy on the bench holding up Tys old pair of sweat pants with the biggest smile on his face. My heart ached for them. But I wanted to do this myself because that is what I live for: is to make others smile... and bring a little something to their lives. That, I hope I do. If your reading this and want to donate anything to Anchorage email me at krystaldonovan@gmail.com 

Yesterday was August 10th. A year ago yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. I had been married exactly one month and I had to say good bye to my husband being that he was leaving for basic. I will never forget him walking into that hotel and me knowing I could not do one damn thing about it. I wanted to scream and run and get him and kiss him just one more time... not knowing when I would see him or talk to him again... wooh. Can not believe that has been a year ago... his mom and I are both glad that day is over :) NEVER AGAIN! Its over and Im now with my husband so we can kiss ANY TIME WE WANT! 

Well...Lets see what else is new...
See Brenda he has not changed a bit... reading away!
oh and I actually got sun... A SUN BURN! 
I laid in my sun tan field for 3 hours today... it was heaven. Only thing that got burnt was my face... its on fire but hey...who can say they have been burnt in Alaska eh?

Ty got me these flowers for no special reason :)
No word on moving yet. Hopefully tomorrow. ... oh how I HATE the word tomorrow. The army is good at knowing that word. I am missing my dog beyond belief. I hope he knows I am still around and I love him and will be getting him soon. Just missing him something terrible... my baby :(

Ty and I have been working out EVERYDAY. It is going really good. Feels good. We have been cooking really nice dinners... and they are healthy. (happy mom?) 

Not a real work out... its called planking. You find the most weirdest spot to do it... this is what I came up with.

I cut chicken for the first time tonight.... ya know before its cooked. One word to sum that up..... SICK. I felt like I was holding a little fishie and I was cutting it, and it stunk...but I did it and made some damn good chicken :) 

Read the book The Help if you havnt ...and then see the movie. The movie will have so much more meaning if you have read the book. But they both are fantastic. 

Post more later... Hope your having a swell day... know we miss each and every one of you... our friends and family.... pray HARD we are home before you know it! God is good


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