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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Going Through Changes

Its been a while I must admit.. but we have been through a LONNNNG roller coaster ride.

First I want to say I am in complete awe of God. He is SO amazing, and if you always look... he does give you signs. I want to thank Devin Bain, for she has helped me figure out God so much... and see how amazing he is. I think God sent me you Devin :) I got Ty to start praying with me every night, he doesn't do the talking but I know its affecting him. I am so proud of him, because when I started to lose faith, Ty brought it right back to me and said "Look Krystal, who kept us in love for 5 years when we didn't see each other and who is making all of this possible".. I am so proud because I guarantee one year ago he wouldn't have said that to me. I believe the army helped in this... getting us both so low that you knew all the good was coming from God. Yes I just said the army helped us - better put that one in the books.

I was home for a while, about a month. I needed to go home to get help for the anxiety. Its wonderful, yet weird going home. Home to me is Ty and Kansas and with our families. I only had Kansas and my family not Ty and not his family. That is weird. I was able to baby sit for 3 weeks while I  was home which was the first time I have made money in over 5 months... that felt good, felt like I was actually helping Ty and I finically. It was a good feeling and got my confidence back up to where it used to be. Still home is weird. People have NO idea about the army and it made me realize a WHOLE bunch! It made me humble and realize yes, I know what its like to be an army wife and what comes along with it but it made me realize I can not judge others. I can not judge Firemen's wives because I don't know what their life is life, I don't know, this whole army experience has made me realize how strong I alone am, how strong my husband and I are together, and how strong he is.

When I went home I realized I had one of the best friends. We had to have a stupid friend in our life for us to meet but hey, thats what it took. Now I have my Kimberly! She is one of the best friends I could ask for. She is there to listen ANYTIME... no matter what. She does so much for others and her family and its absolutely amazing, anyone who talks/or is friends with Kim should truly be blessed. We did a lot together... got in fights at QT, lol* tanned like everyday!, shopped -of course if your with Kim you WILL shop, play Mario Kart/Bros, and ran our booties off..... which Im pretty sure mine is back now cuz YOU DIDNT COME HOME WITH ME KIM AND NOW I HAVE NO ONE PUSHING ME! :)

Last weekend Ty and I got to take a train ride to Talkitna, Ak.... it was an... experience. The train ride was fun and cool since we had both never been on a train like this or one at all. There was not much to do in Talkitna but it was nice having a day out of "lovely" anchorage with my bestfriend/husband just walking and talking. It was a good day :) I like him

Well this week I was on pain medicine because I popped 3 ribs out of the cartilage that connects them to the sternum when Ty and I were wrestling. Yes is was MY fault... I started it lol... thats what I get huh!  The pain med's made it feel better but all you want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep. So thats what I did basically ALL week.. except ONE day when the sun actually shown... FOR LIKE THE FIRST TIME IN A THOUSAND YEARS... that day I totally laid out (without Kim though, or my mom so then its kinda boring) but I actually got SOME sun.

Its our brother Skyler's birthday. These days are the hardest, knowing you can not be there to celebrate it with them! If your reading this Skyler or any other brother or sister or mil or fil or mom or dad... know we think about you all everyday wishing we could be with you guys if it were only for 5 minutes. That would be great.

Well our paperwork for moving is in its last step. One more signature and we are headed back to Kansas. So keep the prayers coming because we know they are working and helping a lot! We can not wait to be back with our families (where we both belong). They are our lives and it takes something like this to realize how much of your life they really are. We are ready for HOME. Yes I will miss the mountains and fresh air... and most of all our best buddy Woods :( Woods has been there with us through it all... easiest hello and hardest goodbye. He is a person I hope to always have in our lives and I am blessed to have him in our life now. He brings us so much joy and happiness... its weird how things work out. Maybe we were in Alaska to meet him.. maybe he was in Alaska to meet us, who knows... I am thankful for him though. He is so kindhearted and like a brother to me... no one will ever replace my Woodsy :)

 My Woods!

On our Alaska Railroad trip

Our 1 year anniversary! 

A year ago in the Bahamas in white perfect sand... :) and 1 year later in Alaska in the dirt/sand....
Shows how far we have came and how much we have been through.

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest... um who ever said that must of been in my shoes or much worse shoes because yes, the first year was hard being away from your husband a month after your married, not knowing when he is going to call, if he is okay, when you will see him again. Moving out of a house filled with your brother and sisters, moving back home with my mom (as a married woman) going back to college alone getting hit on boys who just think your some average college student, trying to concentrate. Waiting for letters in the mail, and checking the mail more than you did when your RSVP's for your wedding comes in the mail, not knowing what your best friend is going through and if he is safe, not knowing what life will be after bootcamp and airborne or where you will be stationed, having to go back to a work where you thought you would never have to work again and then not wanting to leave again, learning that you were finally going to get to see your husband but when you show up he is so sick he has to be hospitalize the next week, then when you get to talk to your husband finding out where your moving to, to start your life together FINALLY ....is in....ALASKA. Thats a far far far far away from home and totally isolated. We convinced our self it will be a journey.... we had a great one...
a year later ... ITS TIME TO GO HOME. This is only from my point of view, I couldn't imagine what Ty went through those 6 months... but in his own words... he's ready to go home too! But wow what a 1st year. All I can say is WE. ARE. SO. STRONG. :)  .... but we kinda wanna be weak for a while if you know what I mean!

:) okay....
love love love
krystal nichole                                  

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