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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Missing the Rain

I am sorry I have not wrote on here for a while...

Its been a messy couple of weeks. The anxiety that i was so proud not to have, caught up with me. We will leave it at that. Just please say prayers that God helps me keep the anxiety away and keeps me strong for my self and for Ty. Prayers are needed our way... thank you in advance.

before the major anxiety hit, one of my best friends Kim came to Alaska just to visit and stay with me for 9 days. like i told her, she was an angel that i needed to have at the time, and i now know why god did not give me a sister because i would find her.

We had a GREAT time, probably the best time I have had in Alaska so far! (besides with Ty DUH!) We had so many laughs and tummy aches after the laughs it was wonderful. It was such a blessing just to see a familiar face... you have no idea. It made me remember my life back home I loved, was real and people did not forget about us.

We did a lot of things.. I will explain for pictures...

Day one: we went exploring! Kim got to see and stand on the pacific ocean and then we drove about 30 min. to hurricane park (i think that was its name) and went walking around in the woods hoping not to run into any bears... it was a fun filled day of exploring! :)

we went horse back riding and kims horse was in front of me and kept farting.... sick lol! but very pretty. We almost died thanks to Kim for telling the lady we would like to RUN on the horses...I saw my life flash before my eyes... funniest thing ever. 

Then.... dad here is the good part. You'd be proud...NOT! Well our gas gauge in the car isnt working.. and we still have not gotten it fixed.. so Kim and I were minding our own business trying to get up a mountain in the middle of no where..and guess who runs out of gas....I DO! dang the luck! After 5 min two girls drove by and gave us a lift to the gas station to get some gas and bring us back.. thank God Kim was with me... so then when we get back I go to put gas in the tank and my whole leg falls in the snow and when I pulled it out at the end my boot got stuck :) 

filling er' up!

Only me.... and Kim ... :)

We showed Kim downtown. Kim bonded with Rocky (he didnt like her for three days... it was just a phase though, he is moody like his mother) We went on a cruise searching for whales and Kim threw up lol... or fed the fish as they like to say! Funniest thing was... she ran out of the cabin in the ship to throw up and a guy says "I didnt see the whales!" to Kim and she turns and throws up and then he leaves... LOL! But I got to see dall pourpouses (which look like little free willies) mountain goat, sea otter, and sea lions. The sean lions were huge and very cool to see in their real habitat. We also went snow boarding and Kim saw her life flash again before her eyes when she almost got stuck in the trees but didnt, instead got stuck on the hill for 15 min trying to avoid the trees! She picked up snow boarding very good! We also found the street down town with all the souvenirs! Here are some pictures! 

thats all for now.. please pray for the best ... we need it! We miss our families like no other... 
 I am sorry if I have not talked with you recently... it only means I miss you a whole lot and dont want to be reminded of how wonderful you are... I will be working on that too because I know that is not healthy... 

Dad I miss you a whole lot.

love love love 

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