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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I had the best day with you today


So last weekend was a three day weekend... Ty had off Sat, Sun and Mon. so we decided to rent a car so we wouldn't be stuck inside for the whole three days! So Saturday we rented the car (which was at a very good price) and we went to downtown Anchorage where the Iditarod (the snowdog races) were starting. We heard that their was a Reindeer run that was going on so we decided to go! Before it started though, I got something to eat... A REINDEER HOTDOG! I ate reindeer and it is sooooooo good! YUUMM!
Funny note: I got a soda with my reindeer dog and I opened the cooler and there of course was the soda... but there was no ice in it... HAHA... Alaska is so cold your coolers dont need ice! WHO WOULD'A THOUGHT!

So then... ON TO THE REINDEER RUN! Well you know the bull runs that they have in Mexico, where a bunch of crazies run in the street away from bull.. same thing expect its a bunch of crazy Alaskans running from reindeer! These reindeer were not like Santa's ...they were MEAN! People who ran in the race dressed up. There were carrots, Gumbie, cows, people with hardly any clothes on (when it was freezing), Santa, and penguins. It was too funny. Not a lot of people got bucked but at the end two drunk guys were trying to finish the race, which is in the street and remember that is nothing but a sheet of ice all the time, one fell then tried to pick the other one up and then he fell... it was too funny. They hit that ice HARD! But Ty and I were standing next too two people and come to find out they were being filmed for a T.V. show on the History channel called Mounted in Alaska about taxidermy which comes out in April and you'll probably be able to see Ty and I in the second episode :) cool huh? Oh and they caught the drunk guys falling on camera too so you might even see that!

So once we were numb we left there and our friend Wood's bought Monopoly. So we were headed back to the lodge and what do I spy...... TWO MOOSE!!! O.M.G. I couldnt even say moose I was so in shock. I screamed TY...MA MA MA MOOSE!!! So we were not even a minute from the lodge so we went there, picked up my good camera, and went back over (probably closer than you should ever get to moose... even in a car) and took a bunch of pictures! I had a smile from ear to ear until the next day! I have not seen any since but... I can now die happily! (dont worry I am not dying soon) We also got a new X-box (since ours randomly broke and Ty plays all the time with his brothers) and a Kinect. For those of you out there like my dad who probably dont know what that is... its kind of like the Wii. Its a video game that goes off of your motions... like a sensor, without a controller. The Kinect was for me since I suck at real video games!! But we did a great job of spending our tax money :)

Then us three got back and played Monopoly.... WELL.... come to find out I did not even know how to play the real way. Thanks a lot MOM! :) We played the easy made up way... and I never really understood why so many people liked playing this game and how it ever ended... Now I know...! It was because I did not know how to play! But Ty and Wood's taught me and I whipped them both so overall, IT WAS MY DAY!

The rest of the weekend we just relaxed since Saturday was only the best day ever. Ty worked tues-thurs But Thursday night we went with a couple and their son about 2 hours North of where we live to see the Northern Lights (the farther north you see more colors and they are more distinctive). Well... we didnt see them... and then we get about 20 min. from being back on base and we look up and there they were... only 20 min from home! They were not the good good ones with all the different colors but they were green and it basically looks like flowing lightening. The coolest thing ever! Like a river coming over a mountain in the sky... very neat! ... we would of taken pictures but where we were they hardly showed up on camera.... We want to go out North, about 7 hours away (close to Mt. Mckinley) and stay in a lodge out there for a night to see the whole real thing! And its neat because only like 5% of people on Earth get to experience the Northern Lights. Crazy.

Oh... then Friday (yesterday) GUESS WHO GOT THEIR CAR... WE DID! You honestly do not know what it feels like to know you dont have to WALK around ALASKA any more.... ahh. I almost peed my pants when I saw that is was really there! Wondrous!

Well we have not met a whole lot of people. Most of the guys in with Ty are young and very into going out to bars and spending their pay check on alcohol. We would rather be old and watch movies together or just have a night in or a day out together... we dont need anyone but each other right now :)
I have figured out (of think I have) that a lot of "army wives" are into drama.. so I think I will just make friends else where. I am too mature and SO OVER THAT part of my life and caring about what others think and/or do. I have experienced too much in my life (even just these 21 years) that there is so much more to life than thinking "oh I wonder what she thinks of me?!" or "does she like me?" and/or anything else of that nature. I am at a good spot right now. I do not care what others think of me as long as I am okay with it myself. My family brought me up very good and I see that as clear as day now that I am so far away. I'd like to say I think I see a lot of my grandpa in me... which is gratifying. I strive to be like him in every way. Out of the little words he said... everything meant something to me and I took every word to heart.

Now that we have a car I would like to find a good church. Im not at peace with God like I should be, or with myself... one of the two. I have a lot of questions and find my self not praying as often... but when I do and realize things, He always helps. It is very amazing and thank goodness he is so forgiving of not talking to him everyday. He is a keeper .... DUH.

Best news EVER: ROCKY WILL BE WITH ME, IN MY ARMS, CUDDLING IN TWO WEEKS! *TWO* Im sad he has to fly alone and wont understand what is going on until he see's me waiting for him! Lol, I'm so excited I could cry tears of joy... THATS HOW INLOVE WITH HIM I AM. Yes, we are talking about Rocky still ;)

Well not a lot more has happened... to make things easier I will update this every Saturday or Sunday unless something amazing happens then I will write during the week!

The 8th was my dads 50th birthday and I was very bummed I didnt get to see him, but it sounds like every one took good care of him for me! Today is my moms birthday and the same goes for her, I wish I could be there.... I promise I'll be there for their 54th and 50th birthday because we will be back home then!! :) but Happy (Late) Birthday Mom and Dad, you guys are the best anyone could ask for. 

I'll leave saying we are doing good... but we miss our true friends and our families a lot a lot but absolutely LOVE talking to you guys and skyping!

Talk to you all soon.

love love love 

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  1. finally got around to reading this! glad rocky gets to join you soon! write me if you're bored :)