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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Beginnings

Wow! Has a lot changed since my 2nd post on here, Feb. 5th! Come to find out... I left the following Friday for Alaska, Feb. 11th. That day was very hard. It did not feel real because I found out Wed the 9th, went to work and said my goodbyes to friends and family, finished packing on the 10th and left for Alaska at 12:10pm. Saying goodbye to my parents was really hard but they are so supportive that they reassured me this is an adventure and I would be home before I knew it.

It was insane seeing Ty for the first time again. Every other time we knew a date we would see each other again but this time we didnt which made things much harder... and now he was in the real army world. He was very different until we both broke down and talked for hours! He is the best... not even the army can bend or break him! WATCH OUT ARMY!

Life is rather weird. I am used (but HATE) walking everywhere. I am living in lodging (hotel on base basically) so I really only walk to the gym and post office. Its nice to get out because I stare at four walls most of my days. When you walk down the street you dont actually see the road... there is always an inch thick layer on top of the road- I have almost been here a month and have only seen the real road once... and have not slipped on the ice in front of people driving so knock on wood I dont fall and make someone laugh :)
I am used to seeing "spit" (spitting from chew) all over in the snow. Its normal. I am used to walking down the road/looking out my window seeing HUGE men carrying even bigger guns. I am used to the planes and helicopters flying over my head every couple min. Very weird but used to it by now.

I can not wait to live off base! On base reminds me of a prison :/ to get in you have to have your army i.d. card so you better make sure you carry that puppy everywhere or your not getting back into your OWN home... ridiculous! We will be getting an apartment 5 min away from base in about 3-4 weeks. Its two bedroom, small but I will make it cozy :) I'd rather have small than big, like my mom says- less to clean!

We still dont have a car and taxi's are SO expensive... so not much sight seeing going on here yet. We have gone snowboarding which I rocked at (for real even ask Ty) and we went to the pacific ocean- NO not to swim--- to walk on since its frozen like a brick! (do bricks even freeze?) Ty's car is on its way, our stuff is on its way... my car gets picked up any day from kc and my puppy comes as soon as I can get him here (when we are in the apartment since they are not allowing him in lodging..poor puppy) so hopefully by now Ty's car is on a boat to us! It will be crazy when we have a car and can do soooo much more! Just to get to the store 5 min away is 11 bucks... 22$ for "round trip" can we say RIP OFF!

Right now I am doing okay. Really good actually. I am getting back into shape so I have so much energy which kinda sucks right now since I HAVE NO WHERE TO TAKE IT OUT AT! I am really proud of my self because like I told Ty, I never in a million years thought that I could move this far away and be fine. I am alright because its me and Ty! I am not having anxiety (thinking about him leaving in maybe dec or jan I am but Ty helps with that) but other than that... I am not having any at all which is such a huge deal for me.... I can really say I am proud of my self- I think this is the first time I can say that, even with all my accomplishments.

Ty is basically superman to me (besides my dad of course). He has to put up with the MOST bullshit I have ever seen or heard of. You think the real life is hard?...join the army and then complain! They try and try to break him down... they wont. I am so blessed he is so strong... we make each other stronger and thats the best thing ever!

This is to my aunt therese- I am so bored like I told you I am working on puzzles like grandma and treada- I HATE PUZZLES. OMG! I have no patience... what was I thinking... I think grandma needs to come visit and tell me how to do these darn things!

Well I sitll have not seen a F(#@_(#@$)( moose yet. Very upset about that... Lol. Every time we drive somewhere- in a cab of course, I moose hunt as Ty would say. I get very quiet and just look everywhere. I told him I want a moose call buttttt he insists the mooses will be mean to me and probably kill me so I cant get one... (I think I will start practicing a moose call during ALL my spare time)

I can not believe it is already march! Both my mom and dads birthday month! I am pretty bummed that I cant be there for both, specially Daddy Dennis' since it is someones 50th and all... hehehe someone is getting up there father ;)    (that was a wink face in case you were not up to date with the side way faces)

Well I will be keeping you guys posted on what we are up too! I was not going to write til' i knew you had this address but Ty has been on lock down in his company for going on 10 and 1/2 hours because they were going somewhere and the 1st sergeant lost his ruck with a thousand something dollar radio in it and "every one is responsible" for that I guess.. BULL! but we want you to know we miss and think and talk about every one all the time! Donovans, Clamors, Bradens, Atwells, Nealeys, Todds and Fishers.. and all our other family and friends...we really miss you! If you have a webcam and skype our name is krystal.clamors

Here are a couple pictures incase you missed them on facebook or email...
Love Love Love
Krystal Nichole

Mt. Mckinley and the iced over Pacific Ocean

Ty and I <3 

us on the Pacific ... we walked on water


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  1. Send me your address! Love you! Let's Skype again soon! :)