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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Story..

For those who don't know.

Our Story:
Ty and I fell in love when I was 13 and he was 15. This was 2003. He lived in Mo. and I in Ks. He was one of 7, I was an only child. Everything worked against up but fate kept us together. We were apart without talking for five years making our own choices and bad mistakes. Ty ended up calling me on my 17th birthday but not coming to see me until two weeks before my 18th birthday, where of course, we got back together.

My first year of college I stayed in Ks. because of my scholarships and it was home. The fall of 2009 I made a HUGE move to Mo. so Ty and I could see each other more than every other weekend. The move taught us everything. How low you can get, how much we need each other and BOTH of our loving amazing families. From Aug 2009-now has been nothing but a HUGE learning experience. I finally got adjusted in STL when I found out my *boyfriend* (now husband) was going to join the Army. I did not understand because I knew I never wanted to be apart from him any more than I had to, but I saw it in his eyes that he really wanted it. We talked and I said he has me no matter what decision he makes... then the rainbow after the storm came and he proposed. We were married July 10th, 2010

I think its safe to say it was the best day of our lives (thus far). Never have been happier! When they say the honeymoon is over...it was REALLY over for us. When we got back from the Bahamas, Ty left for the Army 2 weeks later. We have seen each other a couple times and he has gotten to come home only once since Aug. 10th, 2010. It has been the longest, yet so rewarding 6 months of my life. You learn to lean on each other and support each other in the good and worst times... be strong when the other is weak, of course love and to trust in God with everything you have.

Ty completed boot camp and air bourn school. I am the most proud wife you will ever meet, no matter what we had to endure in the process of everything. Around 4 weeks ago Ty was stationed in Ft. Richardson Alaska. So this KANSAS GIRL is trading in her cowgirl boots for snow boots and couldn't be happier! I just want to get to my husband!

And so our journey and adventure BEGINS! I will be leaving this next Friday! Scared out of my mind but so ready to have an adventure of a life time with the love of my life.

One more thing before signing out... we do have one *kid*... our Rocky boy! He doesn't get to join us in Alaska for another month since the airlines wont let us bring him because its too cold :( We will reunite soon though! He has grown up soo much! He is now 8 months! (got him two days after Ty left for bootcamp) He is my side kick :)

love love love

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